Going Back To School In Style!

Going Back To School In Style!

Going​ ​Back​ ​to​ ​School​ ​in​ ​Style

We all remember the school-age days when having the latest-and-greatest of everything was the most important thing, especially when it was time to go back to school. But oh, how things change when we become parents ourselves. Now we do all we can to convince our kids that it doesn’t matter what they look like or have, but we can’t completely dismiss the desire to “fit in” that comes with this age and phase of life. They’ll learn, just like we did, but in the meantime, we can empathize and be willing to make some compromises that will make them feel special, which is what the desire to “fit in” is all about.

Here are some ways you can help take your kids back to school in style and make them feel like rockstars on the first day of school, and all year long.

  • Think​ ​“Fashionably​ ​Frugal”

Kids grow so darn fast that they literally do only wear some items of clothing one or two times before they don’t fit anymore. This probably creates some reluctance when your kids want some super-expensive pair of shoes you know they will outgrow in an inevitably-coming growth spurt. So, compromise! Rather than tell them what they can or cannot have, give them a budget. Then, take them to stores where they can make the budget stretch. Target has some awesome clothing lines that are always on-trend but not outrageously expensive. You can feel good about them choosing clothing that is high-quality, reasonably priced, and still lets them dress to impress.

  • Customized​ ​accessories

Customization is very trendy right now, and easily available. Your kids will feel so special with their monogrammed backpacks, lunch pails, even rain jackets and umbrellas. Pencils and pencil boxes, and even notebooks these days can be customized to have their name or initials printed on them. This not only makes them feel special and in-style but makes their belongings easy to identify and difficult to steal or swap with someone else. This makes your life much easier, because let’s be honest, kids lose their things all the time at school, and now you don’t have to rummage through the lost-and-found to try to identify their lost items.

  • Stay​ ​covertly​ ​in​ ​touch

No matter how old your kids may be, they will always want praise, attention, and
acknowledgment from their mom (even if they don’t admit it). Give them a confidence boost
while they’re at school by hiding a secret note in their backpack, pocket, or lunchbox. You can find cool stationary or notes with your name on them or pre-printed funny messages. Share inside jokes, give them a positive affirmation, or tell them there’s an after-school surprise waiting for them. Style is all about confidence, and moms are the best cheerleaders a kid could have.

  • Drop​ ​off​ ​your​ ​kids​ ​in​ ​style

bike to school dropoff

Being dropped off at school was always special for me, because I didn’t particularly like riding the bus. If you’re lucky enough to live close to your kids’ school, get a Madsen Cycle to avoid the drop-off lane chaos and make your kids the talk of the school. The fresh air will be good for you all, the exercise will be a great start to your day, and the uniquely awesome design of the Madsen will catch the eye of all the other carpool moms. Who knows, you might just unintentionally start a trend of your own at your kids’ school, with a gang of Madsen moms cruising up to the curb in style together, waving off their kids then peddling away to go about their day.

With some smart shopping, personalization of their supplies, thoughtful notes and stylish
send-off, you can take your kids back to school in style in a way that allows everyone to win.

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