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We had a great turnout for our St Patrick's Day Ride with the Portland cycling community and the staff at Bike Gallery!  Was hard to get a good head count, but we had +30 riders  on bikes of all types!  The ride started from the Downtown shop and went down to Tom McCall Waterfront Park toward the Broadway Bridge.  Then we made the climb back up to the shop and had some refreshments and gave away t-shirts and a MADSEN Cycle!

Our congrats to the Saxton-Rowe Family for winning a baby blue MADSEN bucket bike!  After winning the bike, we learned that they live in a shared housing complex where none of the families own a car.  We look forward to hearing more about how the MADSEN bike is used by the residents at the Peninsula Park Commons.
We also want to thank Joe from for coming to support the event.  He brought his amazing cargo bike loaded with flowers which he graciously gave away to everyone.

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