And the second winner is... Meegan!

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Meegan and her family, winner of the MADSEN Cycles Link Contest

First let us thank all of you for your patience through this process (and hilarious comments while you waited). We're pleased to announce that after randomly selecting from the thousands of eligible applicants we have a winner! Her name is Meegan and as you can see, she has three adorable little kids that she'll be carting around in her new MADSEN. As you might imagine, she squealed with delight when we informed her that she had won. She plans to use the MADSEN to cart her kids all over town, and with a park nearby can't wait to pile them in and take them for a ride.


Our warmest congratulations to Meegan and her family, you're going to love your new MADSEN.

Now, to the rest of you: what we didn't anticipate when running this contest was how hard it would be turn down the rest of you who wanted the bike! Thank you all so much for your support, your publicity and your interest. We're sincerely grateful. The positive and helpful feedback we've received about the MADSEN has been humbling and exciting, and we can't wait to share more exciting things with you as we travel on this journey together.

A couple consolation prizes:

First - we'll be holding another (tiny) drawing next month and giving away a MADSEN t-shirt (and some more swag, we're not sure what just yet, but some good stuff). Actually we'll be giving away five to the following groups:

  • 1 to one of our Twitter followers
  • 1 to one of of our email subscribers
  • 2 to one of you who have linked into us from your site
  • 1 to one of you randomly selected commenter on an upcoming post (stay tuned for more info on that)

So if you follow us on Twitter, sign up to our email newsletter, link to us from your site, and watch for the upcoming post to comment on, you'll have four entries in the drawing.

Second - for one week (deal ends on July 24th!) we're deeply discounting our cream-colored bikes to just $999 (that's $300 off). If you've been anxious to get a bike, but it has been just out of reach financially, we hope this will help. We won't be able to offer them at this price again, so please take advantage now. (Note: these can't be combined with any other offers.)

Thanks again everyone, your support is what keeps us going.

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