2024! Let's enjoy the ride!

2024! Let's enjoy the ride!

A warm WELCOME to the MADSEN Cargo Crew if you are new here!

We hope you enjoyed a cozy holiday season with your family. We loved hearing about holiday bike surprises and receiving photos and messages from new MADSEN community members. Also, so many new people on the MADSEN Map - thank you!

Will you make 2024 a year of adventures and family rides?! Get outside, make memories and drive a little less with the beautiful bike that does EVERYTHING - including carrying 4 kids, your dog, groceries and all the gear.



We are excited to continue MADSEN Challenges in 2024! This month we introduced the FOUL WEATHER Challenge. Earn your badges and join in on fun adventures with the MADSEN Cargo Crew.
Grab one of our Limited Edition colors now, before they are gone! Such fun spring colors!


Welcoming new families to the Madsen Community is one of our favorite things! Meet the Wilson family in Aurora, Colorado and RaleighRoo (the latest 3 legged addition) in Clearwater, Florida. WELCOME!

Jared's Tip of the Month

Squeaky Brakes and Brake Maintenance

Jared gives some tips for winter bike maintenance, especially with salt on the roads.

Don't forget to check out more MADSEN Instructional Videos on YouTube for a whole series of Tips & Tricks from Jared Madsen.

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