Electric MADSEN Petal Pink "Loaded"


$4,795.00 saving $250.00

Electric MADSEN Petal Pink "Loaded"

$4,545.00 $4,795.00 saving $250.00


NEW *Limited Edition* Petal Pink

Are you ready for the ultimate Electric Cargo Bike? With the same quality and detail you have come to expect of all MADSEN products, our trained mechanics will install the e-kit for you. With the e-assist, you will be able to add power when you want it. Your Electric Bucket Bike will arrive ready to cruise up hills with 4 kids, a pet and all of your gear in tow. This new addition has exceeded our expectations and will be a game-changer for many. Nothing can stop you now, as the E-MADSEN makes riding with heavy cargo and long hilly trips a breeze.

The "LOADED" E-MADSEN comes equipped with our most popular accessories at the best value to you. Included are these MADSEN Accessories:

 MADSEN Soft Top ($385 value)

MADSEN Front Rack ($175 value) 

MADSEN Steel Front Lights ($76 value)

MADSEN Rear Light ($27 value)

MADSEN Big Mouth Water Bottle ($12 value)

MADSEN Classic Dutch Upgrade ($75 value)

MADSEN Classic Shiny Brass Bicycle Bell ($16 value)

MADSEN Custom Electric Assist Kit


  • 750 Watt Bafang Mid Drive Motor (500 Watt for Canada*)
  • 120 Nm of Torque
  • Pedal Assist System with 9 Power Levels
  • Gear Sensor for Smooth Shifting
  • 48.1V 11.6Ah/558 Watt Battery with Charger
  • Custom MADSEN Mounting Bracket with Integrated Junction and Lockable Battery Mount
  • LCD Display
  • Custom Sleek Look

Petal Pink comes with a pink bucket, but feel free to let us know if you would like a different colored bucket on your pink bike.

*All E-MADSEN power-assisted bicycles shipping into Canada are programmed to meet Canada e-bike standards. Canadian E-MADSEN bicycles are limited to 500W sustained power output (like all e-bike motors, the E-MADSEN motors may temporarily spike above 500W during normal operation). Cannot travel faster than 32 kilometers per hour on motor power alone. Cannot be solely controlled by the battery. The motor disengages when the rider stops pedalling.

Ready For Anything

The MADSEN Bucket Bike is Thoughtfully Designed to Take You and Your Family / Pets / Cargo Anywhere You Want To Go

Electric MADSEN Classic Black "Loaded"
  • Electric Assist

    Bikes are available with the option of electric assist, to add power when you want it. Or, choose a basic MADSEN without e-assist, that has 9 gears to help on any incline. Our custom electric assist kit can always be added at a later time to any MADSEN model.

  • Secure Seating

    Our bucket bike requires no additional accessories, which makes it affordable compared to other cargo bikes. Inside the bucket are 2 removable bench seats with 4 seat belts to keep your little ones safe. Middle seat is also available.

  • Attention to Detail

    Includes integrated front wheel lock and front and rear thru axle hubs. Our patented heavy-duty kickstand™ is designed to load and unload your cargo with safety and ease.

  • Workhorse

    Designed and tested to carry 271kg (approx. 600lb) of weight, the MADSEN is not just beautiful, but notably rugged, tough and capable.

MADSEN Specifications

Electric MADSEN Petal Pink
  • Frame

    OST  Hi-Ten
    Chrome Moly Mix
    (strong durable steel)

  • Gears

    Sram X5 shifters
    Sram X5 Derailleur 
    Sram 9 Cassette
    KMC Chain

  • Wheels

    Double Wall Alloy
    36 Stainless Spokes 
    Eyelits, Brass Nipples 
    180 mm Rotors for Excellent Braking Power

  • Bucket

    Impact Resistant
    UV Stable
    LLDPE Rotomolded 
    151 Liter / 40 Gallon
    (tough as nails)