MADSEN Cycles Apparel

At MADSEN Cycles, we believe that a single bike can do more. Not only do our bucket bikes have enough room for the whole family, but they are uniquely designed to allow you do a lot of things at once.

A Single Bike Can Do More

Hop on a MADSEN with your kids at the back of the bike and go for an afternoon workout. The exhilarating ride will likely put a smile on your kids’ faces — and yours, as well. By riding our bikes, you don’t just get to exercise, but you can bond with your children, too. Having your kids seated in the bucket right next to you as you ride your MADSEN, makes it easy to converse, sing, laugh and hear their little voices.

On some school days, leave your car at home. Take out your MADSEN bike, strap your kids inside the bucket, drop them off at school, and then run errands on your way home. Who says morning routines for kids can’t be both fun and productive?

If you have older children who can’t ride a bike on their own, a MADSEN ride is a great way to let them enjoy bike rides with the rest of the family. Many families whose children have special needs turn to our bikes to help them create great memories outdoors.

But we do not stop here. We continue to do our best to make sure our growing community of MADSEN riders all over the world always has a great time with their family rides. Now, we make the ride even more comfortable with our premium quality bike apparel.

Ride in Style and Comfort with MADSEN Apparel

Soft, stretchable, and a perfect fit for your body, our classic tees will make you feel comfy while cycling. We have a variety of designs for moms, dads, and kids. Pick one for each, so your family has matching biking outfits the next time you go out. Flaunt these shirts together with your vibrantly designed MADSEN bike, and your whole family will definitely stand out – on the road or on Instagram!

Check out the collection below to get started.