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Can it get any better for your precious cargo? This stylish, quality custom-made top is always ready to go! Easy up and easy down. Down and out of the way and up in 5 seconds when you need it. This is a must-have if you want to ride year round or in any questionable weather!  In warmer weather the front and rear windows zip open and tuck away, allowing lots of fresh air in while keeping the sun out. 
If your MADSEN bucket bike has a bucket, this soft top will fit it -- all years and models. The first time you install your top you will need to make 2 small holes in your bucket and use a 8mm wrench and a 4mm hex head wrench. First install takes about 5-10 minutes . After that, you can remove the soft top without tools, or just always leave it on.  
SOFT TOPS ARE HERE AND AVAILABLE TO SHIP and installation instructions are here.

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