Pick out your new bike.

Madsen Cycles was started with the idea that a bicycle should do more. Whether you want to work more or play more, a Madsen utility bike gets you and your cargo there in style.


After hauling six neighbor kids around in a wheel barrow bucket bolted to the front of our first prototype, we started to realize what a bicycle can really do. But the bucket on the front, like the box of the European design, creates an awkward center of gravity. So we stretched the chassis and put the bucket on the back. With the natural feel and balance of the rear bucket, you can ride with confidence knowing your load is secure and your cargo is protected.


Our production models have come a long way since that first prototype but our mission has stayed the same; a bicycle should do more. We are not the first to place a load on a bicycle but we are the first to do it right. Tested for up to 600 pounds, the Madsen kg271 is as burly as it is elegant.


So whether you use your Madsen Cycle to drop the kids off at soccer practice, pick up your groceries from the market, or pile in your tools for your next project, we hope you’ll fall in love with your new Madsen Cycle—like we have.